Vepanat (Velpatasvir 100mg & Sofosbuvir 400mg), Generic Epclusa: A New Hep C Treatment Drugs

Velpanat is a new generic hep c drug introduced on January 2017 by India based pharmaceutical company Natco Pharma Ltd is a generic version of Epclusa licenced by Gilead Sciences Inc. The Velpanat is the combination of Sofosbuvir 400mg and Velpatasvir 100mg. Natco Sofosbuvir + Velpatasvir was combined and marketed under the brand name of Velpanat a Generic Epclusa in India. It is the first pan genotypic, all oral, single tablet regimen which is used for the treatment of adults who are having the hep c genotype 1-6 virus infection. This combination best suited for the patients who specially having hcv genotypes ranging 2 to 3.

Details of Medicine:

Indian ManufacturerNatco Pharma
Indian Brand NameVelpanat
International BrandEpclusa
StrengthSofosbuvir 400mg and Velpatasvir 100mg
Drug FormTablet
Package Size28 Tabs
Package TypePlastic Bottle
Expiry1 Year to 2 Years
Indication(s)Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Infection
Prescription RequiredYes

Velpanat: Cost of New Hepatitis C Drugs in India

The price of the original newly combined drug in the US is $87000. It is not even possible for most of the people to imagine to afford such a vital and expensive drug without having insurance. Now generic Epclusa Velpatasvir has been released in India. However, most of the people were waiting for this new generic hep c drug to be manufactured in India by Natco Pharma LTD and other licensed pharma companies. The medication produced by Natco company is widely known for its affordable prices and high-quality products in the world. The medicines are highly recommended by professional doctors worldwide and are very beneficial for patients. Velpanat Velpatasvir+Sofosbuvir is created by an unique combination which is known for its high cure rate and affordable price. The Indian generic medicines always build the trust and confidence in the patients. The Indian Velpanat will become an optimal drug among the hep C patients, doctors across the world.

The Velpanat price, when compared with the US drugs, is lower than around 100 times. The Velpanat is now accessible by people throughout the world and is affordable by people of all income groups. There is a trust in Velpanat which helped it to soon become a leading drug for people who are struggling with hepatitis C.

How to Buy Velpanat Drug from India

Velpanat, a generic drug of Hepatitis C is very much cheaper in India and it is easily available for buying online. A few years back, people came to India and bought the drugs which included medical tourism, travelling expenses. Now it is not essential to visit India as patients can purchase it directly from online pharma stores. For buying this particular drug, people require a legal medical prescription. The particular drug can only be purchased if a valid prescription from a doctor Hepatologist is shown.

Before the purchase of Velpanat tablets from any online store, it is very important to see the company’s track record of how long they have been working in this business. How many patients/ countries they have successfully serve generic medicines? It is always necessary to check the company’s details from where you are buying the drug. You must check the company certificates, customer feedbacks and much more. There are many independent drug dealers, so you must be careful to choose the right one.

We, the Kahpro International are based in New Delhi, India which offers to buy Velpanat online and other generic hepatitis c medicines delivery to anywhere in the World. We are the company that can be sure about receiving the certified generic drugs which do not have any side effects. The Drugs we provide ensures a 98% recovery as per out research results. The ordering requirement of your drugs can be directly filled on our website or you can also reach us through various other communication channels which are available on our website. The drugs would be delivered to your doorsteps as per your requirement.

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Benefits of Velpanat

• The Indian Velpanat Velpatasvir price is 100 times lower than the original.
• The cure percentage is around 96-99% depending upon the genotype.
• The generic drug is a low toxic drug having mild fatigue.
• The course duration for treatment is around 3-6 months which is based on two strong therapies known as Sofosbuvir and Velpatasvir.

Dosage and Instructions for the use of Velpanat (Sofosbuvir+Velpatasvir)

• The Generic drug “Velpanat” is issued in a cylindrical form of tablets.
• The Velpanat tablet is to be swallowed in whole and is not to be crushed or chewed as it has a very bitter taste. The drug can be taken in empty stomach also.
• After the administration, if you vomit in less than 3 hours then it is recommended to take the another pill.
• You must strictly follow the instructions given by the doctor while taking Velpanat. You must seek advice in case of any queries.
• The recommended dosage is one tablet a day. Duration of the dosage is usually 12 weeks.
• In case of any drug overdose, you must immediately contact your doctor or physicians and go to the emergency room.
• In the case where you have missed a dosage, this is highly undesirable. In such cases take care the next time and remember the last date of dosage.
• If any doubt about this medication is required, you should talk with your pharmacist or doctor.
• The Velpanat drug is to be kept out of sight and reach of children and pets. You must never give the drug to others without prescription, and is to be used only as per prescribed.
• The Velpanat drug is a drug which must be prescribed by a doctor before taking the medication. In case of any queries of doubts you must contact your doctor or medical advisor.

Side Effects of Velpanat

Like other drugs, Velpanat Velpatasvir also has some side effects. In case you face any side effects you must immediately contact your doctor. Therefore, every individual may face different kinds of complications or any other disorders. The individual may also experience dizziness, disorders of cognitive species and fainting. The other side effects of Velpanat are mentioned below:
• Peripheral enema circulatory system.
• Slightly shortened breath.
• Diarrhoea and dyspeptic symptoms.
• Hypothyroidism and rarely retinopathy.
• Photosensitive reaction spine.
• Allergic rashes.
Other common Velpanat side effects are:
• Tired feeling.
• Nausea and diarrhoea.
• Sleeping problems.
• Low red blood cells and pale skin.


12 weeks

Patients receiving retransmission therapy (result not yielded sufficient previous treatment) without cirrhosis having HCV genotype 1. cure Statistics: sustained virologic response in clinical trials - 95%


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24 weeks

Patients receiving retransmission therapy (previous treatment has not given the expected result), with cirrhosis having HCV genotype 1. cure Statistics: sustained virologic response in clinical trials - 100%


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Safety Information

If an individual has any allergy regarding any components of the preparation such as Sofosbuvir or Velpatasvir or any other, you must immediately inform your doctor and it is very important for your safety. For making sure you don’t have any allergies and Velpanat is safe for you, you must ask your doctor to test if you have the following:
• If you have a history about Hepatitis B. If anyone has Hepatitis B it is recommended not to take Velpanat.
• If a person has any sort of Kidney disease such as Abderhalden, Abdominal Compartment Syndrome, Acute Kidney injury, Acute lobar nephronia and others.
• If the person has Liver problems such as cirrhosis, Liver Tumours, Liver abscess except Hepatitis B,
• If the person has Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).
• If the person has taken any heart rhythm medicine called amiodarone.


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