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Ledifos, the Price of the Drug, its Composition and Characteristics of Treatment
October 16, 2017

Earlier Hepatitis C was referred as a smooth killer because this ailment was not detected in the initial few months. Since the patient could not detect it because there were no symptoms as such, this led to complications like liver cirrhosis or cancer finally leading the patient towards death.

With active research in the field of pharmacy, new drugs have come in the market and these drugs remove the multiplication of Hepatitis C virus. After taking these drugs in a right way, the patient’s returns back to a normal healthy life. US drugs are effective to remove the Hepatitis C virus but the cost of medication is high and cannot be afforded by a majority of global patients Worldwide. Therefore generic hepatitis c medicines such as Ledifos (Ledipasvir 90mg + Sofosbuvir 400 mg) only have the option. The generic medicines licensed by patented company and these medicine have the same ingredients.

Ledifos pills Manufactured by Hetero Labs Limited in India have the same ingredients Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvir that available on original medicine.

Buy Ledifos Online in India

India is the top generic medicine producer worldwide. One such drug that has most popular in the worldwide hep c patients is Ledifos by Hetero Labs. Ledifos drug have the same active ingredients as in US Harvoni. What explains the significant difference in cost. Generics of Indian production Ledifos do not have expensive as compare to US medicine.
Ledifos is the best cure for Hep c genotype 1,3,4 and the most relevant and demanded drugs from India. In its composition there is a combination of active substances Sofosbuvir 400 mg and Ledipasvir 90 mg. They contribute to the rapid inhibition of the activity of pathogenic bacteria, and provide a 95 to 99% positive cure result after completing course. It is worth noting that the combination of these components is strictly maintained in the same proportion as stated in the original.

Ledifos Cost in India

The price of the drug Ledifos is about several times less than the one requested by leading foreign brands for their medicine. You should be cautious when choosing an online store in which you plan to make an order. If the cost of the medicine Ledifos turns out to be suspiciously low, and the seller does not have a positive rating and real feedback from the real customers, it is better to abandon the purchase and find a more reliable vendor.
At Kahpro International, we assure you to give quality medicine at affordable prices.

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